As the owner of a business, you will no doubt be interested in anything that can enhance customer experiences and make your operations more productive. Blockchain can help you to achieve these things and more. You can even use blockchain to attract investment in your...
How Blockchain Can Benefit Your Business   As small businesses seek better and more efficient ways to serve their clients, blockchain can be especially useful as a way to conduct transactions and even to raise capital. The cost to incorporate this technology is far less...

Introduction The technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin could revolutionize the way business is conducted. This technology is called blockchain—and it’s the backbone technology of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchains have.

After a successful week exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Electroneum has launched its groundbreaking mobile miner, which will open the world of cryptocurrency up to billions of smartphone owners around the world. Currently, cryptocurrency is largely too difficult to obtain and spend for...

What is it? This is an Ethereum based blockchain technology startup which seeks to create a major upset in the field of home energy consumption, by bringing much needed sanity.

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