What exactly is Grid+

What is it?

This is an Ethereum based blockchain technology startup which seeks to create a major upset in the field of home energy consumption, by bringing much needed sanity to what users continuously complain as the less than straightforward relationship energy suppliers have with them. Grid+ is the blockchain industry’s foray in home energy consumption management that comes with very fine tuned features that will definitely solve the nightmare of many households when it comes to managing their energy bills. Chief among Grid+’s many features is that it puts the energy consumer in direct control of their bills by offering them a hassle free seamless mechanism for managing their energy consumption

With Grid+ home owners will now have an incorruptible arbiter that will monitor their energy consumptions and lets them tweak or tone down when their set limits are getting dangerously close. With Grid+’s Smart Energy Agent, an IoT blockchain integrated hardware, the user will only pay for what they consume unlike before when the energy companies trash out numbers the user can’t dispute no matter how odd they looked. Grid+ with its token takes off the burden of worrying about not paying your energy bills on time as it pays the providers in real-time without you ever having to monitor it.


The Grid+ team is headed by CEO Mar DAgostino, with other notable members including Alex Miller, and Karl Kreder

Practical Users

If there was ever a real world and practical industry the blockchain technology has ever gotten involved with, it’s the energy sector, as for every person this is an everyday reality. This is why Grid+’s venture cannot be more ambitious as it targets an industry whose worth can only be roughly estimated due to its humongous size. Energy efficiency is a topic that is very close to the heart of the modern world partly due to the greater levels of awareness on the terrible effects of climate change, and partly because energy costs have been progressively climbing with customers feeling constantly cheated by the bills they receive from the energy providers.

Grid+ seeks to completely calm the sometimes tense relationship between energy providers and consumers by providing a neutral means of accurately quantifying the consumer’s energy use, paying them in real-time which is great for the provider and also gives the user an effective means to effortlessly tweak their use of electricity. An effective energy consumption management system is long overdue in this industry, and Grid+ finally seems to have brought the answer


Grid+ is a buy-in token and is not mined

Investor’s Note

Grid+ Smart Energy Agent is going to truly bring much needed relief to the minds of millions of electricity consumers all over the world. Grid+ has far more features beyond the management of the consumer’s bill as it also allows them to buy energy and store when its cheap with the ability to sell it off when its prices peak. Grid+ is an innovation that will truly bring something that has never been seen in the industry, they have targeted a real life market, and so far seem to have the technology figured out to bring their vision to reality


Website: https://www.gridplus.io/
Reddit: Grid+ has no Reddit page as of the time of writing this
Twitter: @gridplus_energy