Before Bitcoin, I was just waiting around for the Singularity. Roger Ver Pretty uniformly, people want the benefits of bitcoin and the blockchain near-instant transfers, globally available on any Internet-connected device, highly secure, and nearly-free value transfers. Jeremy Allaire In the future, I expect to see...
How Cryptocurrency Works The most popular cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies modeled after this one are often called “altcoins” and are often less secure than the Bitcoin. Bitcoin was created in 2009 (at present, nobody knows exactly who created it). Investopedia says it offers “lower transaction...
Introduction The technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin could revolutionize the way business is conducted. This technology is called blockchain—and it’s the backbone technology of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchains have mostly been used to underpin cryptocurrencies, but there are many other possible uses emerging. In fact,...

The Future of DeFi “DeFi’s performance in 2020,” says Forkast, “has put the entire crypto market on notice.” With assets increasing in value, even some of the traditional crypto companies.

Introduction DeFi has been driving a cryptocurrency resurgence since 2020 with no sign of stopping. But, what is DeFi and how does it work? Decentralized finance (commonly referred to as.

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