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A look at the top cryptocurrency exchanges

by shedboy71

This will be a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that we have personally used , so we will add to this as we check out and use more and more exchanges.

These are simple one paragraph summaries of the sites, we will go into more detail of teh sites elsewhere



Etoro is an all in one trading platform which you can trade commodoties such as gold and shares, selected stocks on various markets like the NYSE and London, you can also trade etf's, indices, currencies and most importantly a selction of cryptocurrencies, the crypto's are limited to Bitcoin, Bitoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Ripple. You can use leveraging so you don't have to put the full amount down but you need to be careful with this.

Check out Etoro



Coinbase is one of the go-to sites with regards to cryptocurrency. Its a very attractive site and easy to use  and has the attraction of being able to buy Bitcoins with a credit card. You get an insured online wallet, the site also boasts one of the largest user bases. Its not focused on one region which is good, I'm from the UK and have not had a problem. So exchanges can be very country specific. They also have mobile apps so you can keep an eye on the latest prices

Check out coinbase



Localbitcoins works slightly differently in that its a person to person transaction, you choose from a list of people in your area and you perform the transaction with them, slightly riskier but there is escrow and dispute resolution. You can see a lit of what people are charging for a Bitcoin and also how many transactions and a feedback score

Check out Localbitcoins



The first thing that strikes you about this website is that the main page clearly tells you how many Bitcoins, Ethereum or Bitcoin cash you can get for a selected set of money in Euro's, Pounds or Dollars – a no nonsense approach. It supports bank transfer and credit card. For a beginner this looks a good place to start, simple and easy to use and clear information

Check out CEX.IO



The thing that makes this website stand out from the others is the wide range of methods that you can bitcoins, you can use online transfers (Paypal, Skrill) , Cash Deposits (SEPA, bank transfers, western union), credit cards and most interestingly Gift Cards (Amazon, Best Buy). Its similar to LocalBitcoins (P2P) – the fees are a bit higher though

Check out Paxful


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