Bitpay conversions using PHP

In this example we will display some conversions using bitpays api. the url we are interested in is located at

This is abbreviated output
{“code”:”BCH”,”name”:”Bitcoin Cash”,”rate”:6.327061},
{“code”:”USD”,”name”:”US Dollar”,”rate”:9095.53},
{“code”:”EUR”,”name”:”Eurozone Euro”,”rate”:7609.91},
{“code”:”GBP”,”name”:”Pound Sterling”,”rate”:6698.966991},
{“code”:”JPY”,”name”:”Japanese Yen”,”rate”:998393.589275},

Th example below will display conversions but can be affected if the api changes, in the example below you will see lines of code like the following

$rateUSD = $data[2][“rate”];

which corresponds to

{“code”:”USD”,”name”:”US Dollar”,”rate”:9095.53},

Obviously if bitpay were to change this it would display incorrect results



$url = “”;
$json = file_get_contents($url);
$data = json_decode($json, TRUE);
$rateUSD = $data[2][“rate”];
$rateBCH = $data[1][“rate”];
$rateEUR = $data[3][“rate”];
$rateGBP = $data[4][“rate”];
BTC/USD: <?=$rateUSD?>
BTC/Bitcoin Cash: <?=$rateBCH?>
BTC/EUR: <?=$rateEUR?>
BTC/GBP : <?=$rateGBP?>




You should see something like this

BTC/USD: 9095.03
BTC/Bitcoin Cash: 6.326933
BTC/EUR: 7610.18
BTC/GBP : 6698.598735

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