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Gemly : yet another play 2 earn crypto scam

by shedboy71

Yep, yet again to the surprise of very few the Gemly P2E site seems to be gone. First a quick recap of what the game was supposed to be.

Gemly is an incremental game built on the «Play To Earn» concept, where you can earn real money. Nothing needs to be downloaded to play, you can play right in your browser. Develop your own army of mercenaries. They will fight monsters even if you are not on the site or in the game.

Now as always, there was an element that you could play ‘the game' without investing any of you own money but to avoid the usual grindy nature of these P2E games  there was also a ‘paid' element to it.

One user wrote: “Today the site stopped working. All Discord and Telegram channels are blocked, and admin accounts have been deleted. Could not reach any support. The project did a really good job passing a good image. Unfortunately, it's another scam.”

Another user experience stating today the site stopped working all Discord and telegram channels are blocked and admin accounts have been deleted could not reach any support

Here is a video on the subject


According to Trustpilot it was registered at

  • 55 Upper Ground
  • SE1 9EY
  • London
  • United Kingdom

Interestingly that can be found at https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14696008/officers

Which reveals that there was only one person registered called HLADII, Bohdan


I'll keep this simple – if it is a P2E game – DO NOT INVEST ANY OF YOUR OWN MONEY AT ALL


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