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Exchanges To Buy Cryptocurrency With A Debit Card

by shedboy71

The cryptocurrency market has made tremendous breakthroughs in modern life and has morphed from an obscure business that is the exclusive forte of geeks that were crazy about cryptography, to when it became the currency of choice for drug dealers selling their less than kosher goods on the dark web markets. The market as of present sees trades of over $40 billion every 24 hours, and although this is still very low compared to other sectors like Forex, it is nonetheless a great improvement from the early days of the cryptocurrency industry.

Buying cryptocurrencies nowadays has become a very much simpler task from what it as in the early days. The easiest and fastest way of buying your cryptocurrencies now is through exchanges and using credit or debit cards. Some of the most renowned exchanges that offer this option include:

Coinbase is a San Francisco based exchange that is among the earliest players in the industry and is often touted as the most reputable globally in the crypto brokerage business. No list of cryptocurrency exchanges will ever be complete without including Coinbase as they offer users the chance to buy their crypto assets in a completely hassle-free, and user friendly interface. One of the key attractions of Coinbase is that it is among the most reliable exchanges when it comes to security, as it takes very stringent measures to ensure all crypto holdings of its users are completely kept offline in cold storage vaults. Coinbase is also among the exchanges that offer its users the chance to buy their cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin almost instantly using their credit cards, with a charge of around 3.75% on every credit card purchase. Coinbase’s main drawback is that its services are still limited to 33 countries of the world.

Coinmama is another exchange from whose inception was designed as the all-convenience exchange with which crypto users can buy and sell their currencies without hassle. Coinmama is an old exchange among the earliest participants in the industry and has quite the loyal following. Coinmama was the very first exchange to ever adopt the use of credit cards to pay for Bitcoin as well as a host of other altcoins, and it has a great track record when it comes to security. Another key thing about Coinmama is that it offers great customer support for its clients, and has very competitive fees.

Bitsamp is a Luxembourg based cryptocurrency exchange that has a solid reputation in the industry and which offers flexible payment modes such as Credit Card. Although customers frequently complain about the tediousness of the verification process when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies on Bitsamp using credit cards, this is quite understandable as the exchange is among the few that offer their services to all countries. Bitsamp has very attractive fees, although due to high demand, it might take a bit of patience before a customer gets their issues resolved with their customer support department.

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